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Monday, March 19, 2012

Thought for Change?

Well, I just spend one hour organizing my flash drive on (minus.com) formatting my physical one since I had transferred it to my virtual one. Besides that, my tech. things have been going good. I now have a full document about computer repair and A+ core hardware study. At the same time, I had been making my film company plans. I plan to go further into film. As I mentioned in my last post, last week I hadn't been home but at the same time have been going to therapy and having activities like meditation (guided, with relaxing place envisioned), spirituality group (nothing to do with religion, simply getting in touch with emotions, or doing something similar to meditation OR painting and expressing yourself with coloring/painting, etc. What else? There were basic groups run by professional activity therapists but those basic activities weren't therapeutic unless you wanted it to be. I'm not going to lie. Opening up is hard and it's something I don't really like doing but it isn't bad - it's fine. Like an adult said to me "Opening up doesn't mean talking about your inner-most secrets having nothing left to say. It's just to talk about what's bothering you if anything. If therapy was easy, no one would do it. That's the whole point of therapy, it's supposed to be hard because you're working on bettering yourself." which I found very smart. I do open up now, and once I see my therapist A, that will stay the same. Maybe it'll be hard, but no.... pain no gain?

As far as running my company it's going well. We have new associations, advertisers, and new films being released. We hope to progress in the future and with my new mindset I don't have a doubt - I can mentally handle the stress. Prove it? Here it is. If I'm stressed during a film, take ONE deep breath and think of the positive aspect of anything that makes me happy. Then simply resolve the stress by staying positive and firmly but nicely telling my crew what they need to be doing right. It's not hard. I wasn't like this before one week ago, I was the complete opposite. The whole week last week changed me for the better and nerdier.

Company shout out: if you want to join, be associated, be advertised, or be part of one film for the company simply go to the following website and contact the team: http://bit.ly/A1vo1q


I'm out of ideas to write, so I'll get back to my tech work and film work. Multi tasking is one thing I do not do unless it's e-mailing and chatting. For work-matters people think they can multi task but it's proven multi tasking is not possible and even if you do end up being able to, it's not as effective.

Note to e-mail blog subscribers: As the subject it says "The Long Dark Road" while on my blog it says nothing like that. The e-mail subscription is fine and works but the subject filed that says the long dark road is an indexing error so just be aware that it might not change but you'll still get the blog posts. Think of it as buying a dvd of spiderman, it says the wrong thing on the cover but still is the spiderman DVD when you watch it.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cracking the Code

As you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while. Here I am again. Over the past week I've had time to think and loads of therapy. The one main thing I will tell everyone just as a general note is being positive is the first step to a successful life. I don't put a label on my lifestyle as I'm only 17. Either way, in the past week I've done this.

  • Meditate, (calm myself down in any situation that is stressing me out, cope with whatever it is and to just let go) not the kind of meditation you'd think of though, it's a bit different. We get a picture of a sunset or different locations and envision that, we pick one out of many selections or envision our own and as she guides us through other steps we envision a specific thing/location when she says as she guides

  • Open up (yes, it's actually good to open up and this is coming from a teenager.) 
  • Made a new friend
All of these are positive things. Now maybe it sounds weird to hear a teen say opening up is good, when a while back I wasn't so much on the side. Now I see truly. Now it still is hard for everyone, but what's one thing about psychology that's true? If you set your mind to anything you can do almost anything. Except fly... if you figure that one out please let me know!  

Tomorrow night I go to my dad's house. I see him every other weekend. I'll be at his house at night so we'll go out and eat Sushi and watch a movie at home. Love it. Until then, I've just gotten home and will be studying A+ (computer repair). 

Website of the year? An online flash drive!! Minus.com gives you 10.0GB free and if you give someone your refferal link to create an account 1gig is added to your account for each person who joins, giving you upto 50 gigs of storage FREE! Sick no? It has an exe downlaodable file, and a Android, iPhone and chrome/firefox extension. Check it out and  let me know. 


I'm reading a website now, an online free A+ resource that's actually awesome. Check it out. I'll link the website and quote from it. Link here: http://www.mcmcse.com/comptia/aplus/notes/aplus_processors.shtml

The processor, also known as a microprocessor and the CPU, can be thought of as the brains of the system and is responsible for executing software commands and performing calculation functions. There are basically 2 CPU manufacturers today - Intel and AMD. Their processors are not interchangeable meaning that if you buy an AMD CPU, you must have a motherboard that supports AMD CPUs and vice versa. 

A CPU's capabilities are defined by their "instruction set" which are lines of code that are passed back and forth over the external data bus. CPUs are rated by clock speed - this is the speed is the maximum speed that the CPU can operate at. The motherboard has a system crystal soldered to it that sends a pulse out at a given speed that is received by the CPU. This is referred to as the system bus speed. The CPU will normally operate at the system bus speed even if it can handle faster speeds. With most CPUs it is possible to tell the clock chip to operate to multiply the system pulse to go faster than the CPU's designed speed. This is called overclocking which is a risky option that can lead to hardware failure. 


Now I won't go too much into what I think about the quoted section mainly because I'm tired and crave late night dinner and a comedy movie. Catch you all later. PS: Therapeutic meditation/relaxation is not bad, imagine a relaxing place and just let go.... it's like eating cream cheese in heaven.... if that's what you dream of doing on your relaxing time (cream cheese joke came from an old commercial) but I'm one of the people who laughed at therapy and it's pretty good. Sounds like bull shit like guided meditation/relaxation would work - it does. Alright, now for real... catch you later. I'll catch up on tech stuff later. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bites I Got

Today was a good day. I'm glad to say I finally made time to go to the gym and study C++ on my own time, because I want to major in Computer Science in college when I graduate next year. I actually hear the college I want to go to has a really tough class. Programming all throughout the night for homework. I hear they get a lot of homework, but think about this. Coding a simple program even throughout the night could really take a whole night. You need to test, correct and re-write codes a lot of the time. Programming a code, regardless if it's for homework isn't a one time task... and as for other news, I'm going to my dad's house on Saturday night, but Courtney and I might be hanging out during the day before I go to my dad's house. Looks like it's going to be an alright week actually.

As for my company, Dobeva Brew Productions, our site has been updated and is an all-Flash website. I didn't code everything from scratch, only half. Here's the link. http://bit.ly/A1vo1q.


Here's what I've learned so far.

As the x86 term became common after the introduction of the 80386, it usually implies a binary compatibility with the 32-bit instruction set of the 80386. This may sometimes be emphasized as x86-32 to distinguish it either from the original 16-bit x86-16 or from the newer 64-bit x86-64 (also called x64). Although most x86-processors used in new personal computers and servers have 64-bit capabilities, to avoid compatibility problems with older computers or systems, the term x86-64 is often used to denote 64-bit software, with the term x86 implying only 32-bit.

Go with the 32bit... It has more compatible drivers and support. Unless you are going to be doing 3D Rendering, Video Editing, or RAW Files in PhotoShop, 64bit OSs aren't worth the trouble.

Term definition: Technically x86 simply refers to a family of processors and the instruction set they all use. It doesn't actually say anything specific about data sizes.

For example, here is a x86 machine language instruction: 10110000 01100001.

The higher the instruction, the better the computer. However, it's not always so useful. It will be troublesome if you get a computer with x86bit instruction. Like I said above, unless you're going to be rendering 3D or truly HD videos.

Now let's take a look at an example of a simple HTML code you should all know for basic C++.

<body style="background-color:yellow;">
<h2 style="background-color:black;">This is a heading</h2>
<p style="background-color:green;">This is a paragraph.</p>

the above is a simple HTML code even used in this blog post. Click here for an HTML tester and copy and paste the code into the tester submitting it.

I'm going to stop here for now. I posted the basics of what I wanted to share.

Friday, March 2, 2012

iPhone VS. Android (The Smackdown)

As you may know, the iPhone 4S is the best iPhone yet. With Sirri, along with other great iPhone quality improvements, it can't go wrong. But iPhone has a next door neighbor that is quite attractive to a lot of people.

The Android is like a... PC. You are allowed to download most things like Mozilla Firefox, Avast! Antivirus, and you can use your Android like a mini computer mainly because of it's powerful machine power and Adobbe Flash Player. Androids usually have various screen sizes while iPhone sticks with the 3.2 inch display. Now, Android has new phones coming out with a 7.2 inch display. Bigger than the Android you see in the photo above.

What I like about Android's market (app store) is their preciseness. If you search Documents you will find at most 3 search results with exactly the app you were expecting for. As for iPhone, you can find up to 50 apps where only so few have actually something to do with your search query. Apple and Android Market share a lot of the same apps, but I believe Android's market is more neat and organized, they don't have a bunch of low rated pointless/non-working apps.

I love the iPhone. Their iOS is generally more stable, but think about this. MacBook Pro's or Apple laptops can't get a virus. Same with iPhone... well on iPhone's you still can. Why is their iOS stable? No Adobe Flash. Android's mostly runs through web-browsers and widgets, and apps while iPhone runs from only apps and websites you normally visit, via browser without Adobe Flash. But why buy Adobe Flash when you can buy a browser for iPhone that has that built in? As a conclusion I don't think one's better than the other, but if you're a techy person I do suggest Android especially if you're going to go into computer science. iPhone is also techy, but not as much and in completely different ways.

I will tell you this. If you want to get things done on the go, do things you'd do on your laptop you'd be able to do it more via Android.

Notification area. The interface of iPhone's notification is much more appealing to me, but Android's notification area is simply a lot more customizable.

Battery power: iPhone (why shouldn't even be a question. Does less because it runs through apps and has no Adobe.)

Apps: iPhone. Tie. iPhone has apps for everything, some created by people like us, and some created by companies. Android usually only gets apps that are great and made by companies or created by a well-educated person who made the app independently. Android's also stick to their word when they say free. You never have to pay to hide adds in Android's Market. When it says free, it's simply 'free' no catch. What you'll be looking for on Android's market is right there because their market is really organized, cut down and specific.

Social Networking? Android. You don't need to download apps for Facebook or Twitter. Install the widget on your widget screen. Like I said, iPhone runs through apps whereas Android runs though browser, widgets and also apps as well but not for EVERYTHING.

I've used iPhone for two years and I absolutely love it. It's the best and the fact that it's so power yet so simply makes it amazing. This is coming from a current 3GS user. I used iPhone extensively, and I have to say it's the best smartphone. Better than Android in fact. But for certain purposes like mine, if I want to be a technician, studying, learning and using tools via my Android phone is a lot more useful and powerful. For certain purposes one smartphone is better than the other. I like how iPhone has iCloud and all that simply powerful tools iPhone has... but what I may say is this. I'm more for the techy and advanced. Android may not be as stable as the iOS device, and their battery may not last long and they might now have as many apps. But it's far more useful for a techy person who does computer stuff on the go on his phone. That's one thing iPhone can't do. iPhone certainly can do computer things... just not most things... most things require apps, and are limited in options since it's a mobile not a laptop... where as Android is like an on the go laptop.

If you're not techy and don't want an on the go laptop go with iPhone for sure. Honestly, I'd stick with the iPhone myself, but my career choice, and the use of Android for me right now is far more useful right now than iPhone is. They both serve great purpose for different purpose. Both are great! Right now though I'm getting Android in August when my upgrade comes along.

Quoted below from article...

"Android phones won five points, but the iPhone 4S took home seven -- making this head to head appear to be a decisive victory for the iPhone 4S. But it really comes down to what you value most in a smartphone. If it’s ease of use and better apps you’re after—as well as smooth performance and a great camera—the iPhone 4S can’t be beat. Siri takes smartphones to the next level by serving your needs with real intelligence. As long as you can live with 3G speeds, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 4S."

"On the other hand, the fact that Android phones offer 4G should not be overlooked. It speeds up practically everything you do. Android also integrates with multiple social networks—instead of just Twitter—and you have a wider range of design choices. If you like the idea of customizing your interface to your heart’s content and want the option of a bigger screen, Android is the way to go."

A Great Beginning

Well, I renamed my film company from Dark Conception Films to Dobeva Brew Productions. I decided I wouldn't specialize in a specific genre. Here's the link. Totally new website for the renamed one. http://bit.ly/A1vo1q.

Three hours ago, (around 7:00) my dad came and we went out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant. Pretty good, we  ate, spoke, chilled. I showed him the website.

(Tech Talk)

He was impressed. I'm also into computer tech and will be my second choice as a career. I'll be majoring in computer science in Queens College. I love tech and will be posting tech talk posts about phones, computers, etc. Techy stuff as well as coding tutorials throughout certain posts.

The Big End of the February Post

I've come to the point where I've become from negative to now, really positive. Well, I'm realistically positive. Not those kinds of people who say "Sure kid, when you turn 30 you can be an astronaut!" I'm logically positive which in some cases people find kind of harsh because I like telling the harsh truth rather than a sweet lie... in most cases. If it's a little kid, I'll obviously let him beat me in an air-hockey game and tell him he'll have a great fun life if he/she asks. That's given. If I'm speaking to people my age or older I'll be realistically positive. I'm on lunch break right now. My dad's supposed to come tonight and we'll probably go out eat dinner, and right after school (3:30) I'm taking the train and bus back to my grandmother's house. What more to say... I'll post back probably later?

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, right now I'm studying for my history test tomorrow. I had a long day at school today and  I had a good one. Tomorrow is TGIF! I love that saying. I don't particularly like Friday's just because there's no school the next day... but still. Like saying it, and I do like the feeling of being able to sleep late relaxing a bit not having to wake up early the next day. Tomorrow I have to though. I'll probably head to school, get a cup of coffee so I don't end up falling asleep during class. I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee. For some reason, at one point I feel like for a couple months DD went horribly wrong. Everything tasted bad, even their coffee. It was a short period of time no matter where I tried it but they're back on their feet now. I love their coffee.

I have an early wake up schedule tomorrow! (4:40am) since I'd like to get up, shower, study, eat a bit and finally get dressed and go to school get the coffee and wait until school/class starts.

Well I'm off to finish studying about Progressivism, Immigration, Government.... all that. Certainly interesting... but not when I'm exhausted.


On an off-topic note, I love the show AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I came accross a video that was made so well by a YouTuber I just had to share it.

This actually shows the nice romantic side of Tate... and Violet... even though Violet's always been a good person she's not a bad person.

and one I made below.... above is different and better I think...

The Greatest Lesson

Guys, my favorite quote is from one of my favorite shows. I am not that religious, but this I do believe. The universe has a plan for us guys, and that plan is always in motion. Every step you take is the step close to what the universe has planned for you. You can step out your front door one day and your universe can change forever. Anyone know where that's from? How I Met Your Mother. I'm 17 years old and in a film high school. My passion is film. My other passion? Computer tech and computer science/repair even though I don't know MUCH about it. Since this is my first post, I'll end today's post here.